TRAINING COURSE: The Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) approach in school contexts

▶ Application deadline 27.02.2023

▶ Start: 04 March 2023 / End: 06 May 2023

The TRAINING COURSE, proposed and managed by the Università Cattolica in collaboration with CeDisMa and Centro Benedetta D’Intino, is dedicated to nursery school teachers, primary and secondary school teachers, support teachers, educators working in schools.

At present, knowledge of Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) appears to be more widespread in the different fields of education and rehabilitation than some time ago. This consideration, however, must be accompanied by an awareness of an emerging need – growing among various education and rehabilitation professionals – for an in-depth study of the themes, methodology and strategies of AAC.

This need for in-depth study seeks the way to realistically overcome the initial phase of enthusiasm for the actual novelty offered by CAA and gradually enter the phase of its concrete and fruitful articulation within the educational and life project of each person with complex communication needs.

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✅ Registration period from 20/1/2023 until 27/2/2023 by following this link

📎 The course can be financed with the Teacher’s Charter provided for by Law no. 107/2015 so-called “good school”: the course is part of the training and refresher initiatives for school staff organised by the Catholic University, as a Subject qualified by the MIUR pursuant to Directive no. 170 of 21/03/2016. Participation gives rise to the legal and economic effects provided for by the regulations in force (MIUR note no. 2915 of 15/09/2016).