Dialogue as a resource for the development of a collaborative climate


In his or her daily educational and relational practice, the teacher comes into contact and dialogue with many people, not only inside the school, such as colleagues, the headmaster and administrative staff, but also outside the school, such as parents and specialists.

Being able to communicate effectively can enable all the professionals involved to support the educational and didactic work in the classroom from the outset, allowing a positive climate to develop, laying a solid foundation for collaboration and relationships.

Here are four principles for effective communication that you can try out in your everyday life:


  1. Listening with the sole purpose of understanding others rather than to understand what to reply to them;
  2. Suspending all forms of judgement or criticism of oneself and others;
  3. Speaking in the first person and for oneself rather than in a general or abstract sense;
  4. Respecting the views of others even if different from our own and recognise their right to pursue them.