EARLY EDUCATION – Pedagogical Guidelines for the Integrated System 0-6 Years

The world of childhood, especially in situations of vulnerability, deserves today more than ever, renewed attention and rediscovered spaces for care.

The state of emergency that we are still experiencing has forced us to rethink the condition of childhood in its many aspects, redefining its present but above all its future.

A clear example is offered by the experiences of children with special educational needs and, in detail, with a situation of disability, who have progressively lost significant links with real life and with what could guarantee them routines, certainties and indispensable reference points.

For these reasons, too, it is essential to build a qualified, competent and accessible system of services, as also indicated by the Pedagogical Guidelines for the Integrated System 0-6 years (National Commission for the Integrated System of Education and Education, established pursuant to Article 10 of Legislative Decree No. 65 of 13 April 2017).

For an in-depth study:

Minister Bianchi speaks at the Presentation of the Pedagogical Guidelines for the “ZeroSix” Integrated System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhm3iiMdRSA

Three CEDISMA appointments to talk about the future: children, education and opportunities to overcome vulnerability:

  1. 30 April (h.14.30-18.00). Presentation of the book: Special pedagogy for early childhood (Amatori, Maggiolini), promoted by the University of Bergamo. Registration at the link: https://forms.gle/VYd2mTFoJyto4Tt26
  2. SAVE THE DATE 28 May (h.14.30-18.00): Seminar “Thinking BIG”, promoted by the University of Bolzano in collaboration with experts from the world of childhood and special education
  3. SAVE THE DATE from 25 to 27 May: Transnational Meeting Erasmus+ Project MOEC, More Opportunities for Every Child. Italy, France, Spain and Poland confront each other for the realisation of a pedagogical tool useful for the early detection of difficulties in pre-school children.

All this because Childhood and Inclusion deserve not only INterest but above all INtentionality.

Education, by its very nature, must measure itself against the future: but this, as Bauman well reminds us, “does not exist, it must be created” and its realisation requires the responsibility and commitment of everyone. No one excluded.

The future does not exist, it must be created.