L. d’Alonzo, “Ognuno è speciale”, ed. Pearson, 2019

Carol Ann Tomlinson, the foremost expert in the field of differentiated instruction, emphasises that differentiation is not a set of strategies, but rather a way of thinking about teaching and learning. She thus highlights the fundamental fact: in teaching, the multiple needs of the learners in a classroom must be taken into account. To do this, it is urgent to ensure an environment that actively supports students in their learning and a classroom climate that strongly believes in the clarity and positive power of differentiated teaching. Didactics for inclusion strongly believes that each individual in the classroom can find a suitable pathway tailored to his or her needs. The results of the research presented in this volume and the best practices of recent years offer more reasons for continuing along this pedagogical line: it is clear to all that even the most difficult pupil can find at school, in a cohesive group, with competent and attentive teachers, everything that his or her condition requires. It is necessary to act in such a way that all members of a class can find suitable paths, and educational differentiation is the way to achieve this.

Author: Luigi d’Alonzo

Title: Differentiated instruction for inclusion

Publisher: Pearson

Series: Academy

Publication date: January 2019