Classroom Management And Inclusion: Pedagogical And Technological Approach.

This paper is a discussion of technology and teachers preparation about classroom management, differentiation and inclusion. Nowadays the role of teaching and educating the youth has become more difficult than in the past [1]. In the classroom there are present students with different approaches to learning, but also students with disabilities and/or students with specific learning disabilities and they need a specific approach to have a good experience at school. The role of teachers is central to promote well-being in the classroom for all students, included those with disabilities. Every student needs a teacher who understands the power of Universal Design for Learning and Differentiation and manages the classroom according to the guidelines allowing inclusion for everyone. Technology can support teachers to teach more inclusively and is an essential tool for students to learn in a more effective way. This is mainly true when technology solutions allow to personalize the approach to learning and therefore to make the learning experience more interactive and immersive. When students are more engaged, in fact, they are more motivated and they perform better. The following two Apps can support teachers in classroom management and create a better learning context for all students: Classroom App and iNclusion App.

Autore: M.C Carruba

Anno: 2016

Citazione: Maria Concetta Carrub, M. C. C., Classroom Management And Inclusion: Pedagogical And Technological Approach., Paper (Vienna, 13-15 July 2016), <<TOJET: THE TURKISH ONLINE JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY>>, 2016; (Special ISSUE for INTE 2016, November): 462-468 []