University and disability. An Italian experience of inclusion


In data 20 settembre, è stato pubblicato l’articolo “University and Disability. An Italian experience of inclusion” nel volume 26 (3) della rivista peer review The Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, a cura dell’Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD).


The number of students with disabilities is increasing in higher education institutions and universities (Baker, Boland & Nowik, 2012). The implementation of policies and the society request for more educated workers are some of the reasons to justify these growing numbers (Hergenrather & Rhodes, 2007; Kiuhara & Huefner, 2008; Baker et al., 2012). Subsequently, university professors, students and administrators are challenged every day to provide an atmosphere and facilities able to encourage and inspire academic success of young adults with disability.
Italy has a long history of policies towards inclusion but only recently it was developed a thought on the importance of inclusion on a higher education level. Some positive experiences are emerging in universities, in particular regarding the role of specialized services and centers devoted to support students with disability during the academic years.
The present paper aims to provide an overview of the main Italian polices and establishment of dedicated services for the achievement of inclusion and awareness, describing the experience of the “Centre for Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and Dyslexia” at the Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth in Milan (Italy), as confirmation of commitment and responsibility in educating young adults with disability, supporting the whole academy in understanding challenges, needs and resources of these students, thanks to the effort of specialized professionals and volunteers.

Autore: Silvia Maggiolini; Paola Molteni

Anno: 2013