ONLINE COURSE: The pillars of classroom management

The course “The Pillars of Classroom Management”, starting from specific scientific theories, provides operational strategies to guide teachers to reinterpret the classroom environment from a physical and social point of view and to review the role that the teacher is called upon to play in the complexity of the relational dynamics that exist between all the parties involved in school life (colleagues, pupils, families), with the aim of building a classroom climate suitable for all pupils, including those with difficulties or disabilities. In particular, it delves into what are the guiding principles to be followed – the pillars – in order to have a holistic view of the different dimensions on which it is necessary to intervene for effective classroom management.

Through video lectures and materials that can be consulted and downloaded, strategies are extrapolated that can be applied on a daily basis to manage both classroom dynamics, centred on the teacher’s educational presence such as, for example, proximal control and the ripple effect, and didactics, with a specific focus on teaching styles and inclusivity. The course concludes with a collection of case examples and related strategies for didactic management, considering the variety of situations the teacher may encounter: from managing pupils with ‘problem’ behaviour to multicultural classes or with children with learning disorders or intellectual and physical disabilities.

Editor: Luigi d’Alonzo. Full Professor of Special Pedagogy at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan, Director of the “Centre for Studies and Research on Disability and Marginality” (CeDisMa), Director of the Specialisation Course for Support Teachers and Director of the University Master’s Courses in Teaching and Psycho-pedagogy for pupils with autistic disorder and for pupils with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder – ADHD-DDAI. He is coordinator of the Master’s Degree Course in “Pedagogical counselling for disability and marginality” and National Coordinator of the Directors of Specialisation Courses for Support Teachers.

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