BOOK: L. d’Alonzo “Becoming a Support Teacher. An aid to those who wish to specialize”

“Becoming a Support Teacher. An aid to those who wish to specialize” is the new text by Prof. Luigi d’Alonzo, for Morcelliana-Scholé titles, dedicated to the topics of the specialization path to become a teacher for support activities.

What you will find:

“A summary of school legislation and regulations: the Italian Constitution and the administrative order of the State; the Italian school from pre-unification Italy to the present day; the “Good School” reform and Law No. 107/2015;
School autonomy and the national evaluation system; internal and external evaluation of schools; educational continuity and guidance;
The governance of educational institutions; educational systems and competition procedures; European documents on educational matters transposed by the Italian system;
A presentation of the role of the teacher and the school system: the educational system of education and training; the legal status of teaching staff;
The characteristics of preschools, primary, secondary, high schools, technical and vocational institutes; the school of inclusion; an examination of the most significant educational and teaching issues for today’s school: the theoretical and conceptual frameworks of reference for learning; school motivation;
A comprehensive overview of the issues that characterize teaching with people with disabilities: special pedagogy, the person with disabilities, educational choices and goals, motivation, failures, autonomy, the need for self-determination, work, special educational needs, management of the problem subject in the classroom.
A survey of the potential of inclusive special education.

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